Bit of a break…

24 Mar

DSC_1094Hi ya’ll!

Sorry about the silence. I haven’t given up. Real life has been busy and I’ve been working hard on my thesis – and will continue to work with it for… next 6 to 8 months? God that’s depressing. No, it has some fun aspects too! Staying positive!

I’ve been meaning to start a gratefulness journal for months (years) now. I also heard about the 100 happy days challenge which would be fun if I used my phone’s camera more. So, I’m going to start posting a gratefulness post at least once a week. I’ll use my words and any pretty pictures I take during the week.

Today I’m gratefull for the light. It’s almos seven and it’s still not dark! Nice improvement from January when the dark came around 3 pm. I love our light summers and it’s getting close now!

I’ll keep on posting about my knitting and DIY projects. They have been on pause lately but I really think it’s time to bust out some knitting needles. It’s good for studying too, research says. No I don’t have a link. Google it.

I would also love to brave some of writing challenges Sometimes Sweet has. We’ll see about that…

As you can see, the spring is getting to me! I’m feeling inspired again. Look forward to at least month worth of bi-weekly posts.

xo, Nelli

Momma’s New Cardigan

12 Nov

Mom wanted a new knit. I’m always happy when this happens since she pays me and I get to knit! She said she needed a new cardingan and we went to pick out yarn. I was trying to suggest something super nice like merino silk… But she found some 100 % acrylic for 1€ per 50g and since she’s so small the whole thing cost us around 6€. So a really good deal but not the quality I wanted! Anyway I got over that. It’s her problem when it won’t last long. And they I get to knit her a new one! Ha. I’m liking this now!

The yarn was mossy green so I wanted to knit something that would look a little like the forest floor. I found this pattern while looking at some baby stuff for the nephew-to-be. I liked the daisy stitch the cardigan has and decided it would be perfect! The rest I pretty much just improvised… And tried to follow mom’s wishes. Always a challenge. Luckily I like challenges!





So what do think? Would you wear it?

xo, Nelli

Ps. The real miracle here is I got mom to model for me! I’m not sure she understood I’m going to put the pictures on internet…

Father’s Day

10 Nov


It’s Father’s day today in our corner of the world! When we were kids we made cake and brought coffee to bed for our dad. These days we opt for table but the cake is still important! Duh.

Kalle and I made Blueberry-Caramel layer cake! Yum-mmee. We made a normal cake-base with four eggs and sliced it in three. We moistened the layers with milk and vanilla mix, laced the two bottom pieces with blueberry jam and whipped cream and mascarpone mix (we like mixing things…) and put the cake in cold for the night to moisten properly. This morning we made some more whipped cream and mascarpone for the sides. I spooned blueberries on the cake and Kalle made caramel which we poured generously on the cake.


Now, Kalle thought that the cake might not be excatly blog material – it’s not the most perfect looking – and I agreed. Then I remembered that making blogger’s life seem perfect with photoshopped pictures and so on, is something I’m against! Ha. So here it is! Our cake. And the world’s best dad!




4 eggs – room temp

2 dl sugar

2 dl flour

1 ts baking powder


1 dl whole cream

1 dl brown sugar

1 dl sugar

1 ts butter

Mix cream and sugars in small kettle or pot and cook on medium-hot until the mixture thickens. Mix the whole time! Add the butter, let cool for couple of minutes while still mixing. Pour over the blueberries and hope for the best!

The mascarpone and whipped cream is just that. Mix whole cream and mascarpone in a bowl and keep whipping until fluffy. It’s a little thicker and a little yummier than the normal whipped cream. That also means it’s easier to spread over the cake! Always a plus.

Happy baking!

xo, Nelli

Ps. In case you’re wondering, no, my brother didn’t get to enjoy a real Father’s Day yet this year! But the babe should be here any day now! (Due date WAS last Wednesday).

New Look for Living Room Window!

27 Oct


Hey y’all!

How’s your weekend been? I’ve been busy with school but I managed to finish most of the work. Yay! Today I decided to finally finish my doily project! I sew rest of them together, cleaned my windows and put them up! I decided it’s a curtain. I think it looks pretty lovely! What do you think?







It makes beautiful shadows on the wall! Loving it.

xo, Nelli

Sorry about the silence!

19 Oct


I’m sorry I’ve been absent. Now you know what happens when I’m feeling un-inspired! I already kind of gave up on the blog because I couldn’t keep up with my self-made schelude but since then I’ve realised that… I shouldn’t! Ha. So I’ll keep posting when I feel like it – sometimes that might mean twice day, sometimes twice a month. I like blogging, it makes me feel like my life can be cool too :D But before I was thinking too big. I like blogs that have a posting schelude and update often. My blog has like three readers so I really shouldn’t worry about that so much, should I? Yeah, didn’t think so.

So update on my life – still studying, still not an aunt (due date is 6th of November) and afraid that winter is already starting here in Finland. It’s getting cold and the sun sets earlier everyday. Sucks.

On exciting news: I got my very first tattoo yesterday! I’m happy. It’s pretty and what I wanted and will most defiantly not be my last. Already planning on next one here… I got this at Nanna’s Art Tattoo (site in Finnish) and I really liked the girl who made it! I told her my idea and showed her couple of my own sketches. Here are couple pictures, taken by Kalle, from yesterday. I’ll upload a nice new portrait ones it’s all healed up! Enjoy rest of your weekend!




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